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A fully responsive website displaying information clearly and effectively on any size screen.


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For speed and efficiency when creating this website we used a template. Whilst we don't normally use templates, they can help when the look of a site is less important than the speed of completion.

The website is fully responsive - this means the site responds to different screen sizes and changes itself accordingly so that it displays information effectively whether on a large desktop monitor or a small mobile phone screen.

We used a content management system to make updating the website quick and easy.

The website advertises homes to rent in the Maidenhead area and gives lots of information to potential tenants so that they can arrange a viewing already knowing a lot about the property.

The website is decorated with some great photos showing off the Maidenhead area.

What we did

  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Hosting
  • Bespoke programming
  • Content Management System
  • Protected content
  • Layout
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