The Little Red Hen Nursery School

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A website redesign for this popular London nursery school; fully responsive and with a content management system for staff.



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This popular London nursery school approached us with a request to update their out of date website. It was showing correct information but in an old fashioned way. It was not responsive so was difficult to use on a mobile phone. It also used Flash for some areas which is now considered out of date.

We updated the look of the website, giving it a more modern feel but using their existing logo and brand colours.

We also added more content including a gallery of photos and a flexible testimonials area.

The website was built in CMS Made Simple making it easy for the nursery school's staff to add photos to the gallery, add more testimonials or change any of the other pages.


Once complete, their existing website was taken offline and archived and the new website put in place using their existing hosting. Requests for old pages are now automatically forwarded to the corresponding new page.

The website shows off the nursery very well and gives a good idea of its friendly character.

What we did

  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Hosting
  • Bespoke programming
  • Content Management System
  • Protected content
  • Layout
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