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Controlled by a content management system, a website with news items and galleries, kept up to date by Jack's publicity team.


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Jack Goff is a young and enthusiastic racing driver who is quickly gaining popularity - and podium finishes. His team approached us to create a website which promotes him, the team and sponsors and encourages interaction.

We were given a basic layout to follow and used those ideas to produce the website. It currently includes over 30 pages of news, images galleries, background information and results.

The website is controlled with a content management system which Jack's team administer regularly, keeping the site fresh with the latest information.

A fresh look was introduced later on, with no interruption in service and no changes to URLs - important when trying to keep search engine recognition high.

The website continues to be a valuable asset to the Jack Goff marketing team.

What we did

  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Hosting
  • Bespoke programming
  • Content Management System
  • Protected content
  • Layout
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