Furze Platt Junior School

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An attractive and information-rich website for a large primary school. It enables key staff to login and edit the content in all areas with a content management system.



This school approached us with an existing website that was failing them. They were happy enough with the general look but the company running it were unresponsive and the school was not able to update the site in the way they wanted to.

ClockTowerWeb was recommended and so we were approached to help out. We redesigned the layout using more modern techniques, refreshed the content and set up a content management system. The site was launched with a fresh new look and better functionality including a site map.

A number of key school staff have access to the administration area where they can edit the content of all parts of the website. An important addition to this CMS is the ability to add an emergency message for example in case of a school closure because of snow. This message is easy and quick for school staff to add and is shown very clearly to all staff visitors.

We always make a good effort to get Google and other search engines to recognise and index our websites. This website is well indexed and as you can see below, Google offers sitelinks to various internal pages within the website.

Later the school approached us with an additional requirement - to have a password protected content area for teachers to share teaching resources files, making sharing information around the school quicker and easier. We were able to add this to the existing website infrastructure. School teachers are now able to login and access the school's teaching resources anywhere they have web access - a great additional facility.

This website is no longer managed by us.

What we did

  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Hosting
  • Bespoke programming
  • Content Management System
  • Protected content
  • Layout
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