We're not going to list all our clients - mainly because quite a few of them wouldn't want to be shown. But we wanted to share what type of businesses we have as clients.

So, in no particular order:

Small businesses and sole traders

Businesses, often local to Maidenhead, in need of websites to promote their products and services. They don't have to be local though - we've dealt with clients at the other end of the country.

Design agencies

Some design agencies are focussed on the physical world and don't have in-house web expertise. For these clients we become virtual staff, hiding our company identity. The design agency's clients want design services (perhaps brochures or packaging) and the design agency sells them a website too. The design agency lays out the design and approves it with their client - and then we step in to convert the designs into interactive websites, often handling web hosting too.

The design agency then becomes a one-stop-shop, offering web development expertise - but without the expense of hiring additional staff.

Under wraps

Quotes from design agencies:

Thanks for this. You've broken it down perfectly for me so I can explain to the client.

The client was really pleased with the work we did on the website, so many thanks for your assistance, it went very smoothly.

Web design agencies

Some web design agencies have no in-house coding or "back end" expertise. We have worked with website design agencies who do fantastic front end design work but lack the ability to create interactive elements to a site, e.g. feedback forms.

We're very happy to help out on a project-by-project basis offering as much, or little, web development coding work as required.


Our favourite CMS lends itself very well to an educational environment. We have worked with several schools, producing information-rich websites which benefit all school stakeholders.

Vision to reality

A quote from a school headmaster:

I would like to personally thank you for the support you have afforded the school over the years - not only with the creation of the website and helping us to bring the vision to reality, but with your on-going technical assistance and training. Half a million hits is no mean feat and I know that the website has been a reliable source of information for the school, its parents and the wider community.


We have worked for charities at reduced rates, creating CMS websites that they can update and control themselves.

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You can see examples of these types of clients in our portfolio.

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