CMS Made Simple

We had to highlight our CMS (Content Management System) of choice - CMS Made Simple. Its power and flexibility means it lends itself to a large range of website requirements.

Just a quick browse at some of its features reveals:

  • Super flexibility when applying templates
  • Easy to use admin back end so administrative staff can update the website
  • A flexible permissions system so different staff can have different levels of access
  • Great selection of additional modules offering enhanced functionality
  • Easy to extend functionality further if required

We love it

We love CMS Made Simple because of its flexibility and the ease that it copes with website designs of all shapes and sizes and complexities.

Our clients love it

Our clients love CMS Made Simple because of its ease of use. But don't just take our word for it:

Missing you

A teacher at a school where we designed and implemented a successful CMS Made Simple website wrote to us some months after moving away to another school:

I really miss the CMSMS system, it was so easy to use... I think a lot of other people could learn a lot from using it! Our existing site is not user friendly behind the scenes at all! It's painful to be honest!

We think you'll love it

Go on. Try us. Contact us today for a quote on your website requirements.

By the way, we're not obsessed with CMS Made Simple, we just think it's very flexible and easy for clients to use. We believe we should use the best tool for the job - whether that's CMS Made Simple or not depends on the specification of the website being built.

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19 December 2012