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Web programming is a fairly general term. We use it to describe the programs and applications that run "behind the scenes" and work the web's more useful, interactive and exciting sites.

For many clients we produce the complete product - a fully working website from scratch. However we also have other clients for whom we do web programming.

Our favoured language is PHP. We've used Classic ASP and Perl in the past. We can couple the web programming language with databases - MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access. Whatever language and database system is chosen, the principles of good programming remain the same.

We have programmed systems for other clients which are designed to fit into existing websites. We've also programmed complete websites from scratch, given a full specification and visual layouts of how it's supposed to look.

PHP                           My SQL

We have created scripts from scratch to enhance the effectiveness of existing sites. We can help whether the requirement is a simple contact form, a quiz, a classified ads area or an e-commerce credit card solution. Other possibilities include interactive chat rooms/forums, order forms, message boards, guest books, site search utilities, hit counters, full site statistics, banner advert rotation, database integration and custom shopping carts.

Perhaps you're happy with the website you have but just want to be able to edit the content yourself - we can modify your site to use a Content Management System.

Or perhaps you're a webmaster yourself and you're simply after some help installing, troubleshooting or modifying an existing script; we have helped web design companies in this way before.

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